Patient Experience

By reimagining the design of Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital’s physical treatment areas from the ground up, we will further innovate cardiac care and prioritize the patient experience. You can ensure every patient who walks through our doors receives extraordinary care and compassion.

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Now Is the Time to Invest in Cardiac Care

Dr. Fuster believes the patient experience is paramount, from creating innovative cardiac procedures to ensuring access to technologically enhanced spaces that advance lifesaving work. His revolutionary understanding and delivery of lifesaving treatments have impacted countless cardiac patients. The VF100 Campaign empowers Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital to expand facilities to bolster the work of emerging and established scientists and improve the patient experience for everyone who comes through our doors.

The Impact on Patients

Every environment in which a patient encounters care is crucial to their treatment and recovery. Dr. Valentín Fuster is intent upon giving our patients the most advanced operating suites for their treatments and the most fully equipped and comfortable patient rooms for their recoveries. When you support the $100 million VF100 Campaign, you’re directly supporting initiatives like these and Dr. Valentín Fuster and Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital’s shared vision for improving the health and the lives of our cardiovascular patients far and wide.

Person on treadmill with jeans and sneakers

Cardiac Fitness and Rehabilitation

The Cardiac Fitness and Rehabilitation Program was designed to help people with heart disease recover faster and lead healthier lives. With your generous support of the VF100 Campaign, the program is looking to grow. In the future, they hope to accept more patients into the program, offer more low-cost or no-cost spaces in the program to patients in need, hire more staff so that each patient receives individualized attention, and expand the space. Funds will also help to develop short educational videos, which can be viewed on the big-screen TVs in the gym during warm-ups on the treadmill or exercise bike.

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We spend a trillion dollars a year on high-tech tests, and yet almost 20% of patients are misdiagnosed. Making Rounds reintroduces the oldest diagnostic method – listening to the patient – by following two leading cardiologists from The Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Valentín Fuster and Dr. Herschel Sklaroff, over a one-month period as they care for critically-ill heart patients in the Cardiac Care Unit at The Mount Sinai Hospital. We accompany Fuster and Sklaroff as they teach future doctors the traditional art and science of a thorough bedside physical exam. “A great many diseases may be diagnosed,” they tell us, “just by looking at a patient’s hand.

“This campaign is really important because there's so much more we can do in cardiovascular disease for patients globally through the combined efforts of the team we have here at Mount Sinai.”

David H. Adams, MD

Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis, Professor and System Chairman

Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery & Cardiac Surgeon-in-Chief, Mount Sinai Health System